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3 reasons why supporting peace is more important than ever 1. The effects of conflict are far-reaching. 2. Military answers to political problems alone don’t work. 3. Conflict shatters lives and stunts development. STAY IN PEACE 6 Simple principles to build peace in your community TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED The good old Golden Rule says it all: empathy, tolerance and peace. This principle teaches you to love yourself and love others. It spans cultures and faiths and is a universal age old concept which can’t fail! For information on the golden rule across various faiths see here. We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; now let us commit it to life LISTEN TO HEAR WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY, NOT TO SPEAK Engage in dialogue with an open mind and the real will to listen to others. Only then will you be able to understand each other and build bridges Change cannot happen and peace cannot be established if people are unable to communicate with others; to listen to their experiences and views and show empathy, understanding and compassion. ACCEPT DIFFERENCE OF OPINION We all have different opinions and we may not all agree on the same things. Building compromise and mutual understanding is incredibly important. Sometimes we simply need to agree to disagree and recognise that there are different beliefs and forms of expression other than our own. DO NOT FIGHT VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE Violence is never the answer. Peace can only be brought through free will, dialogue, empathy and forgiveness. Do not stoop to same level as someone who is violent and therefore continue the vicious cycle. This does not change anything. STAND UP FOR OTHERS – NOT JUST YOUR OWN COMMUNITY If we only fight prejudice and injustice against our own friends, family and community groups then we ultimately fail to protect the wider community and society as a whole. Discrimination, bigotry and prejudice know no boundaries. For a community to live in peace and harmony, everyone’s rights and freedoms must be respected. APPROACH THE MEDIA WITH SKEPTICISM Don’t just believe everything you see on the TV, in the newspapers or on the internet DONATE TODAY SAMART CONTRACT ETHEREUM : 0x341Fac96aBb02df3Ba1e90451F5AcCfa66D0F3bB PRESALE ON GOING MINIMUM: $20 MAXIMUM: $1000 .